On Wending

It’s been a while, I know.

I’ve committed to myself to focus on my book until it’s complete; I’ve burrowed deep, barely coming up for air, but this blog, it has been calling to me so today I answered.

When I was at university I had a latin teacher who was in love- I mean in LOVE – like me and coffee: unbridled, unashamed, tell the world, keep with you close kind of love, but with words. I love words and language too and so I could appreciate his enthusiasm and readily embraced it.

The way you can massage and mould, and emote words depending on the one’s you choose. Languages have the same feeling, even to foreign ears, a cadence, a melody as thoughts form, words round and expel from lips are like magic. So I often found myself engrossed and engaged when he went off on one of his many tangents before class on words, meanings, language and roots and their power.

We sat in class each day, listening to him give us a word and its etymology. I would look down to his feet, under the desk, they would rise with his excitement and it caught me how his love for words would physically move him, even in his seat. It always made me think of english differently each day I left. One word in particular stuck with me, to wend…

Wend – verb

Go in a specified direction, typically slowly or by an indirect route.

(source: google search on meaning of word)IMG_2192

I feel like this is one of those life words, that holds and fits everywhere. Its beautiful to say, even in a whisper it gives of fa hint of mystery, of the unknown possibility. We as humans go in different ways, at particular moments slowly or indirectly at other times. In some instances we find our minds as writers wandering aimlessly trying to find our way toward something or someone (our characters) and so this word has always resonated with me.

Today sitting on the train, hearing the news day after day, seeing and reading the pain expressed and screamed out everywhere ,even on social media it crept into my feed. These senseless acts against humanity: war, injustice, terror… I could go on. I felt the urge bubble over to write a short piece and the word wend found its way to me again.

So enjoy and I hope I can get back on here a bit more frequently. The book is nearly done (at least until it gets edited) but time must be given when the urge calls.


Blindness surrounds us.

Wraps us tight- confining shell.

Scream if you will, jagged edges, sharp points remind you well.

Your place in this space is not yours to define.

The colour that harnesses, grounds you and can become like a living prison cell.

Those other fools who try to crush the soul you try to burn bright.

To dim the shining magic, as you try to reach out and gain soaring height.

Look out- can we not see souls trying to reach out?

They scream in pain, they shout out in doubt.

The outer layer is only that, will fade in time, return to dust;

one day the make up of our essence will drift on, fade as it rises, will move and meanders on- this is us.

Beyond the hurtful words, pain brought on by ignorance and violent thrusts- why can’t we just unite?

See beauty in potential:

A child’s smile

A soul’s effervescent light

Creatures amongst creatures, move on land, air and sea; but when appearing together, a unified unbreakable sight to see.

We all go to ground, bodies cease, become ash in the end.

The earth holds no prejudice, accepts we are all the same, our souls  once free all continue to wend.