On Music As Amplifier

Harmony creeps, melody gathers, rising in fevered pitch.
Mind wanders, transported-
Taste salty sea air, crystallized, land upon moistened tongue.
Image dissolved-
Head sways left to right, feet tap in tune to that classic guitar strum.
Heart soars, swells, intensified by sorrow’s call.
Music fades-
Ethereal and transcendent, body rendered, hypnotized by sweet music’ song.

How does music move you? Does it inspire or enhance your creative thoughts? Does it bring forth words or imagery tucked away in your mind’s vault?

I have always found that anything sprouted from human experience, transposed by a creative voice, speaks to us all in different ways. Music in particular, for me, works as a strengthener, sometimes to boost my spirits, other times to set the right mood to let those writing juices flow. FullSizeRender-5

Music has become one of the tools I use to amplify my creative process, that sets the tone or mood when developing my characters and story. It helps push out those difficult words and thoughts that can sometimes refuse to come.

Most weekends the ritual of waiting for my caffeine to percolate, before sitting down in front of my computer is enough. But when I don’t feel inspired to write at all, when my mind is too riddled with thoughts of the “other”- to do lists that are never ending attack at full force and I can no longer hear or feel inspiration at my door. That’s when I surrender to my phone, not to call someone, but to search through my sea of music I use to create a playlist to set me right.

I have many rituals to prepare my mind, to help ignite my imagination for the act of writing. I tend to have situational rituals, music is a big one for me. I can let go and allow it to work with me, its like a pep-talk where I leave pumped, usually singing off key but ready to focus.

My playlists always have a special name, a sentient being living in my phone. Go ahead, snicker, I do. It sounds funny but it works- trust me. My current favourite: Screamed. Past tense- the distinction is important. I imagine those songs are written by songwriters at a point of desperation, frustration, defeat; then purpose, determination and resolve. The ebb and flow captured in a song. I imagine that when they reach that tipping point, fingers rush to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard, the words scrawled down in a rush, metamorphose into songs that feel like an anthemic roar. They feel like affirmations or reminders to me that sometimes you have to scream out before you can really breath in.  To another’s ear, it could sound and mean something all together different, but that’s what I love about creativity- diversity in understanding and action.

This type of emotive expression, coupled with the beautiful imagery a song can capture, render me. They take me away from the cacophony of the “other” trying to take up space in my head. But most important is that I let the music be that amplifier in my creative process.

Harmonic Reciprocity.



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