On Things Left Unsaid

Time, like nature is unbiased. The change it enacts has order and isn’t vindictive when it comes. To the human eye, we may see it much different. A woman ponders this as her eyes gaze out through the window, a brown leaf catching her eye as it dances in the wind. Locked in the carefree motion, the branches join in, swaying, debris picks up in the growing gale. She turns away and sits at a cosy dinning table. Unaware, her fingers quietly grip and ungrip her dinner fork before picking it up from its carefully chosen spot. The effort it took to make things “just right” on the table has long been lost for this Sunday meal.
“Please tell him to pass the potatoes” A son, distilled with old rage speaks to his wife, no eye contact made with his father sitting on the other end.
The tension around the enclosed space sets off imagined sparks, enough to set the house aflame. Potatoes move from one hand to another, reaching their destination through a silent, circuitous route. Mother rises, humming as she goes to grab the gravy, a strange harmony in a room void of melodic sound.
A woman blinks away the memory as she turns from the window of a hospital room. The echo from the sirens dissipate into the distance as it leaves the circular driveway. The leaves have browned, barely stirring in the wind, grey sky snuffed out what little light remains of the day.
Three stand around a bed, the silence blends into the sterile white walls. Father on one side, son and daughter-in-law hover on the opposing end, all the things they would have said left in the space between. The rhythmic beat of the cardiac monitor a strange harmonic sound cutting into the deafening silence that surrounds. Mother lies in a hospital bed, while they watch close as she breathes.

I am reminded how fragile and fickle life can be and how quickly things can change in the blink of an eye. Sometimes we let words and feelings burn deep within us, our hurt and anger fuses, unwilling to be let go. FullSizeRender-3

Last week a series of bad news and saddened moments cascaded around me- not happening to me, but effecting me all the same. They continued to reverberate in my daily life, tiny ripples barely visible above the surface, as I watched friends struggle to push through their obligations and navigate their personal hurdles with strength and determination. Even now, I can almost taste the fragility in the air, how fleeting things can be and how swiftly the wind can change.

These stories became a part of the kaleidoscope of the everyday surrounding me. It left me hyper aware of the randomness in everyday life but also to be grateful and mindful to hold good things when they happen and to take lessons from the bad.

I felt these moments were worth capturing, so I’ll leave you to take what you will from this tale.


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